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FRESHONE Oxygen Absorber absorbs oxygen and maintains an oxygen level of zero in the package.
Thereby prevents damage caused by oxygen. In other words, FRESHONE Oxygen Absorber inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as aerobic bacteria, fungi in foods. Also, FRESHONE Oxygen Absorber is not directly added into food. Thus, this is a high quality product which provides a safe way to keep food fresh.
Specifications and effects
  1. Extends the shelf life and the expiration date of food products
  2. Keeps food fresh
  3. Lowers the content of salt or sugar, improves quality of food
  4. Facilitates mass production of food
  5. Improves vacuum packing
Food such as sausage, noodle, meat, snack, coffee, and tea; pharmaceutical drugs; other products
  1. HI type
    self-reaction oxygen absorbent

  1. WT type
    moisture-reaction oxygen absorbent

How to measure the amount of oxygen in the package
  1. Density of the product inside of the package = d (g/cc)
  2. Weight of the product inside of the package = Wt (g)
  3. Volume of the package, Vo (cc) = W x L x H (cm)
    The amount of oxygen in the package = (Vo - Wt/d)*0.21

How to measure the volume of the package in irregular shape :  

     Prepare a container whose inside is big enough to hold the package.
     Fill the container with water until overflows. Put the package into the container and let the water overflow.
     Measure the lost volume of water that overflows from the container.