• Humidity Indicator
  • Container Dri II
  • Diagnostic - PAK
  • Deodorant

Container Dri II helps lower the dew point, thus prevents the condensation that might form inside a container during shipping.
When the temperature of the inside of container falls below the dew point, condensation begins to form on the cargo as well as
the inner ceiling and walls of container, and this phenomenon is known as “cargo sweat” or “container rain”.
Container Dri II prevents the aforementioned phenomenon by absorbing moisture within a container and lowering
the dew point. Thus, Container Dri II protects cargo, packing materials and labels of products from damage caused by moisture.
Application Examples
Del Monte Pineapple
     The Del Monte foods company in San Francisco used Container Dri II to  
     prevent damage to canned pineapples within a container from the moisture
     caused by climate change.

Daimler Chrysler
     Ace Packaging who designs packaging of Daimler Chrysler’s shipment to
     South America and Europe tested various desiccants and concluded that
     Container Dri II was the most effective product to prevent corrosion.