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History I-Two is leading the environmental management.

2012.05 Founded R&D center

2011.09 Relocated to newly built 1st factory in Daegot-myeon, Gimpo

2005.05 Developed, began to manufacture and sell FRESHONE Oxygen Absorber

2003.02 Relocated to newly built factory in Gimpo

1999.03 Acquired sales right for DIAGNOSTIC PAK from AIRSEC, France

1998.12 Changed company name to I-Two Trading Co., Ltd.

1995.06 Acquired sales right for HUMIDITY INDICATOR CARD and PLUG from SUD-CHEMIE Performance Packaging, USA

1994.02 Acquired exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights in Korea for DESI PAK from SUD-CHEMIE Performance Packaging, USA

1991.03 Acquired exclusive distribution rights in Korea from Cooley, USA and MACtac, Belgium

1990.08 Established I-Two Corporation