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Greetings I-Two is leading the environmental management.

I·Two Trading Company, Limited values being responsible, being accountable, and being harmonious. We envision ourselves as your best business partner. I·Two represents that two entities work like one owing to a wonderful partnership. That is what we aspire to achieve.

I·Two Trading was founded in 1990 and obtained Clariant’s agreement for exclusive right to manufacture and sell DESI PAK in Korea. We make and sell DESI PAK, and Clariant has supplied the raw material, bentonite clay.

I·Two Trading has been committed to providing customers with the best product available in the market. Our oxygen absorbent, FRESH ONE Oxygen Absorber is a great example. We have developed, manufacture, and sell FRESH ONE Oxygen Absorber. We also make and sell cobalt dichloride-free HUMIDITY INDICATOR for the first time in the world.

I·Two Trading is a green company and has been working hard to make eco-friendly products. For instance, DESI PAK consists of only natural alkaline bentonite clay.

I·Two Trading endeavors to build strong management and R&D. We strive to provide high-quality products and excellent services.

Thank you very much.

From all of I·Two Trading